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At Pala Marketing Cooperative Society we're constantly working towards making a difference to the individual and the community by providing basic human needs and uplifting the standard of living.

Increasing urbanisation leading to spiralling prices of real estate and higher pollution levels have necessitated the need to provide more green cover. At PMCS, we identified this need and developed beautiful roads and similar facilities to do our bit towards creating a more equitable environment.

In no matter which direction we focus our energies, it has but one purpose: to help build a better quality of life for people and to give back to society what we have taken from it.
Roadside Beautification of PALA - ETTUMANOOR Highway.
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Pala - Ettumanoor Road 1 Pala - Ettumanoor Road 2 Pala - Ettumanoor Road 3 Pala - Ettumanoor Road 4
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