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Pala Marketing Co-operative Society is one of the largest suppliers of Natural Rubber in the country. It also deals in hill produces such as Pepper, Ginger and Cardamom. There are six purchase depots located in prime Rubber plantation centres and has agency arrangements with several co-operative banks, other Marketing Societies and Rubber Producers Societies throughout the state of Kerala. This division of the society is also engaged in the sale of inputs for the Rubber Plantation Sector.

The Marketing Division is responsible for managing the Society's marketing function - identifying the needs and characteristics of target markets, undertaking marketing planning, providing marketing advice on produts and Society development.

Working with all areas of the Society, the Division plays a primary role in managing communication and relationships with prospective and current customers. It also manages the Society's major advertising and promotional activities, and publishes products informations and related materials.

The Division has approximately 50 staff members and comprises the key areas of External Relations.
Marketing Division
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