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Indiar Crumb Rubber Factory is a unit working under Pala Marketing Co-operative Society Ltd. The Society started functioning in 1958 and Indiar is one of the first crumb rubber factories established in India. Indiar Crumb Rubber Factory was commissioned for commercial production from 16-03-1974.

Situated on the banks of Meenachil River on Ettumanoor-Palai Road, Indiar is having a production capacity of 45 M.T. per day. For the past many years, Indiar is the largest producer of crumb rubber in India. The largest shareholder of our Society is Government of Kerala and then the Rubber Board. The Managing Director of the society will be a person in the rank of Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies deputed from Government of Kerala. The Director (P&PD) of Rubber Board is also a member of the Society’s Director Board.

Mr. Babu K. Nair
Manager (Indiar Crumb)
Phone : 91-482-205391
Award 1
Management of the factory is entrusted to a eight member factory management committee with the following personnel as its members.

          (1) The President
          (2) Vice President
          (3) Director P& PD, Rubber Board
          (4) Four directors decided among themselves
          (5) Managing Director of the society.

There is a full time factory manager, who is the chief executive officer of the factory. He is responsible for the day to day working of the factory.
Present Marketing Arrangements
We produce almost all grades of ISNR (except latex grade which was discontinued in the middle due to pollution related matters).  Previously we used to export ISNR to many countries including Nepal, Singapore and Holland.

Our laboratory is fully equipped for testing the rubber.  All the instruments required for rubber testing had been installed in our lab from 1978 itself.  In July 1997 we have imported Wallace Plastimeter and PRI Oven from U.K.  We were already having another set of Wallace Plastimeter and PRI Oven, which was imported in 1978.  So, presently we are having two sets of Wallace Plastimeter and PRI Oven.  All equipments for testing P0, PRI, Nitrogen, Dirt, Ash, Volatile Matter, DRC etc, are installed in our laboratory.        

We never sacrifice quality during production.  Every day evening the results of lab testing of ISNR grades produced in the last 24 hours are analysed and directions are given to production staff accordingly.  In order to ensure supply of good quality scrap rubber, we keep only few vendors who will regularly supply good quality Scrap Rubber.  Effective checking and sorting is done at the scrap receiving point by staff from laboratory who are well qualified to ensure the supply of good quality raw material.        

During off-seasons to keep the standards required by tyre companies, we usually blend 10 % to 20 % RMA Sheet Rubber  with Scrap Rubber, which will ensure the quality.        

We have a very strong financial background and good relationships with many financial institutions.  For the past 15 years, we regularly supply ISNR to almost all tyre companies.  Our main customers include M/s. Goodyear India Ltd., M/s.J K Tyres Ltd.,M/s.R1 international India Ltd., M/s. Ceat Ltd.,M/s. M/s.J.Thomas& Co Pvt Ltd.,Falcon Tyres, M/s. Unipatch Rubber, M/s. Phoenix Yule Ltd.(formerly Andrew Yule Ltd.), Calcutta, M/s. Hartex Rubber Ltd., Hyderabad, M/s. Elgitread Ltd., Coimbatore  etc.        

Recently, with the help of Rubber Board and other related departments we have increased  our production activities.  We are also planning to increase our customer base by supplying ISNR to all reputed tyre companies. 
  2009-2010     2010-2011    
  Customer Amount (Rs) Quantity (MT) %   Amount (Rs) Quantity (MT) %  
  Goodyear (India) Ltd 3,62,826,000 2,021 48   2,02,068,500 1,806 38  
  R1 International (India) Ltd 1,26,650,000 619 15   56,852,500 589 13  
  J.Thomas & Co 1,05,352,000 576 14   1,03,460,500 1,014 22  
  Ceat Ltd 58,232,000 352 8   83,794,750 820 17  
  Others 1,09,101,000 654 15   57,187,750 493 10  
  Total 7,62,161,000 4,222 100   5,03,364,000 4,722 100  
In spite of the recession in general economy and the depression in the market conditions INDIAR was doing exceptionally well in all these years as is evident from the following table:
INDIAR POLYMER is another venture of the society for manufacturing latex collection cups out of HM HDPE, Sheets of LD, Polyethylene (LDPE) and LLD polythene (LLDPE) which are used as packing materials. This unit is situated near the INDIAR Block Rubber Factory. The unit started its commercial production on 16th November 1998
Raw Materials

The main raw material for the production of Block rubber is the field coagulum grade, also called Field Coagulam (FC). In order to ensure supply of good quality Field Coagulam (FC) , a few selected vendors are entrusted with the task. Effective quality checking is done at the Field Coagulam (FC) receiving point itself. During off seasons, when fresh material is not available in sufficient quantity, to keep the standards required by the tyre companies, 10% to 30%. RMA grade sheet rubber is mixed with Field Coagulam (FC).
Technical Aspects

The existing capacity of the factory is 15 MT / day in three shifts of eight hours each. Assuming 300 normal working days in a year, the installed capacity of the factory is 4500 MTS per year. Against this capacity, the production for the last three years is given below:
   Year Production (MT)
   1998-99   2007
   1999-2000   3743
   2000-2001   5280 (Own 4070 lease 1210)
Plant and Machinery

The existing plant includes the machineries shown in the chart.
  Hammer Mill : 3 Nos
  Pre-Breaker : 2 Nos
  Crepers : 8 Nos
  Dryer : 1 Nos
  Hydraulic Press : 2 Nos
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Laboratory INDIAR Factory INDIAR Factory - Inside ISNR 1 ISNR 2
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