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INDIAR Block Rubber Factory - ISO 9001

The economic reforms initiated in the country early in the last decade and the consequent globalization of the economy has put a new stress on quality of the products and customer satisfaction.

Even though INDIAR from its very beginning has been keen on supplying high quality products to the customers, in order to keep pace with the times the factory undertook a crash programme of modernization and quality improvement and won the ISO 9001:2000. Accreditation on 29th December, 2001. As the customers trend to become more and more quality conscious and faced with global competition in the market, manufacturers are moving fast for ISO Certification. As the quality of the raw material is to be assured as per ISO standards, the manufactures both in the tyre and non-tyre sector will be depending more and more on TSR, and will be happy to source their raw material from an ISO accredited TSR factory.
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